Macaroon times..


Hey Hey! 😉

So I have mentioned in previous post, although I properly celebrated my birthday already, I still haven’t blown my candles out, which in my opinion is a must do to make it official.

I refuse to turn 24 until I’ve done that!! 

It was a bit of a slow today so I’ve started making some macaroons.. yes I said macaroons 🙂


I’m currently finishing the second colour now but all the pics of the finished goodies will be here.

So what you need is: 

50gr egg white (it is advised to keep them out of the fridge for a while before whipping them)

18gr sugar

100 gr icing sugar

60 gr of almond flour

1) beat the egg whites and add the sugar once there are soft peaks and keep on beating, if you want to add some colour this is the time to do it

2) sift icing sugar and almond together

3) a bit at the time add the almond mix with the egg whites with a spatula (Do NOT BEAT)

4) put all the mix in a piping bag and pipe them on parchment an inch from each other. once you’ve done that you will have to drop the tray hard on the kitchen counter (or I drop them on the floor from my waist height) to let all the air bubbles out. Just be careful not too freak your flatmates out or your downstairs neighbours LOL If there are some peaks sticking up for dampen your finger with some water and push down very delicately. If you are not able to get all the bubbles out they will crack in the oven like this:


5) at this point you can turn the oven on to 150° and let the macaroons rest for 15 mins ’til they have a “hard” shell and put them in the over for 10-12 mins, that depends on the oven, depending on the oven its best to place the tray right middle section so its evenly baked.


As for the filling.. for the first batch (the orange ones) I made buttercream and raspberry sauce (in a small saucepan I cooked down a cup of raspberries and a tbsp of sugar until it was liquid and sieved, let it cool and poured it in the vanilla buttercream base)

IMG_5124 IMG_5125

As for the second batch, I wanted to make something new and be a little adventurous so I just check what I had in my fridge pretty much 😛 fortunately I did some shopping recently!

In a bowl I whisked

6 tsp heaping of cream cheese  IMG_5134

1 tbsp of icing sugar

1 tsp of softened butter

AND… drum roll…. strawberry sauce (same process as the raspberry above, plus 1 tsp of water). Just make sure its cooled down… it will melt the whole thing otherwise -.-


When all your lovely little macaroons are cooled down you can pipe the filling in and put the in the fridge. They say that to be perfect they need to stay in the fridge for at least 2-3 days, but my fridge is closer to being a freezer and have to wait only a couple of hours! YAY ME 🙂

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