Birthday cake!!!

I couldn’t postpone it any longer so.. the deed is done. I am now officially 24! Yay (in the most sarcastic tone ever..) JK JK

I have finally managed to make my birthday cake and thank god I decided to break up the process into two days… I would’ve gone mad otherwise! As much as I loved making it, it was a really long process and a lot of hard work, but it all paid off.

So the idea was to make a giant/jumbo cupcake with 5 layers 🙂 alternating red and white up to the top.

DAY 1:

For the BASE I used milk chocolate… nom nom nom. I used a total of 300gr but I melted 150g at the time. Once melted I put the chocolate in the mould and covered it by moving it around making sure to get to the edge and let it set. When you melt the second 150gr let it cool a little bit cuz its just going to melt your previous work.. -.- thats what happened to me anyways, and then all the freezer… AAAAND pop it out! the best part of the Mould being make of silicone is that you can roll it out without breaking anything 🙂

IMG_5139 IMG_5147


375gr of softened butter, 375 of flour( preferably self rising) and 375 sugar

6 eggs,

2 tsp vanilla

3 tbsp milk

(although I used self rising I still put in a tsp of baking powder just as extra kick) Also I added lemon zest from one lemon.

The process is the same as for any cake: whisk butter and sugar til fluffy, add one egg at the time, flour/b.powder, vanilla and milk (and the zest if you like) and oven at 180°

I then halved the cake mix in two bowls, and i coloured one half red. For the layers to come out properly I baked them one at the time (this is assuming you have a jumbo cupcake mould… the silicone ones are the BEST!) So depending on how you want to layer it- colour scheme, you either red or white so you can determine what colour will go on the top mould. The mould have to be oiled and floured.. for the first layer I only used oil and it stuck 😦 for the others I also used flower and they just slid out without me trying 🙂


the baking for each layer will take approx. 25 mins, but check with your ovens obviously. Once they are all cooled down, cut the top domey part to make the layer flat. Then cut the edges of ONLY the first two layers because they will need to fit inside the chocolatey mould.


DAY 2:


500 gr soft butter

5-6 cups icing sugar

1 tsp milk and vanilla

after whisking all that, halved it and in one I put raspberry sauce I had previously made for another cake.

Cover the chocolate mould with raspberry frosting and with a spatula and spread it as much as you can, then place the layers alternating between frosting and cake up to the top, it will get pretty high 🙂

IMG_5148 IMG_5149 IMG_5150

With a bread knife cut down the dome so that the whole cake has the same rounded shape and then finish up by covering it in frosting and placing it in the fridge for a while to set.


Meanwhile, I further divide into two the remaining frosting and colour one part in red and the other stays white. Put the red just on the side of a piping bag and the white on the other so that you have two colours when piping. I personally wanted rosettes, but I had a small nozzle and didn’t get the nice big ones that you usually get with a 2D nozzle.

Further I made some sugar flowers, using regular cutters for flowers and leaves.

IMG_5154IMG_5153 IMG_5155

And that is that 🙂 Happy birthday to me… for real this time!



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