Classic Cake Pops

I don’t like throwing anything wise of course!

I don’t see the point of it. There is always an alternative use or an original way to eat leftover or the random food item that you never know what to eat it with so it stays stowed in the fridge or in the cupboard for ages.

I am having a girls’ chick flick night this evening and thought it would be a good idea to use the leftover from my cake last week ( and make some classic cake pops to share 🙂

I just put all the cut offs in a large bowl and crumbled them as finely as possible (avoid leaving big chunks)

IMG_5184 IMG_5185

I made some normal frosting to mix in the crumbs (120 gr butter, 1 cup icing sugar and 1 tsp of vanilla, added some cinnamon just to make a bit special)

When everything is mixed evenly you should manage to make a ball out of the crumble and roll smaller ones that then go into the fridge for 10-15 mins.

Meantime I melted a 200gr dark chocolate block in a metal bowl over hot water.

Once the cake balls are hardened a little, I got my lollypop sticks, dipped the tip of the stick and inserted in the cake ball

IMG_5191 IMG_5190

I was planning on using the white chocolate but it is very hard to work with as it is not real chocolate and doesn’t remain smooth like normal chocolate once it’s melted but clumps up 😦 So I had to switch to dark chocolate.

Put everything in the fridge just so that the sticks are settled in the balls and don’t fall off in the following step.

IMG_5197so now you just cover the balls in chocolate and by tapping the stick on the edge of the metal bowl let the excess chocolate drip. I personally wanted to make something more creative but i didn’t have my usual creative self and kept as simple as could be using candy sprinkles.

IMG_5196it may not look very fancy but it still have its effect 🙂

IMG_5198I have a cupcake stand which also has strategic holes for cake pops so i placed them in there in a nice neat circle and let them dry off and then popped them in the fridge. Usually bakers use a foam board or disk to stick them in, but you can also make your own. Before having this is used shoe box, made holes at the bottom of the box and then placed the cake pops at a slanted angles so they don’t just slide right down and ruin all your efforts to keep the cake on the stick.

IMG_5192I prepared three of these cone shaped cakes to make a pretty little rose. The cone shape is useful so that when I start adding petals, it is easy to build up and give it a rose resemblance. These also have been covered in chocolate.

The roses can be any colour you want of course, I just have a couple of colours but made a red^pink, blue and white ones. To make them I used sugar paste (I’m not a fan of chocolate fondant taste wise but it works all the same). You start by making a small ball of sugar paste on your palm and then flatten the ball to make the petals.

IMG_5201After which you do the same thing for the other petals and you layer each petal going around the chocolate bud.

IMG_5204 IMG_5206

And so on til you cover the whole cake ball. Otherwise you can always leave them half way and add some green leaves instead.

IMG_5208 IMG_5207

This time round I made the roses on sticks just for a change, but you don’t necessarily need to use sticks with cake pops. 1385513_217029305124815_1283383888_n 1378684_216974688463610_2145248998_nI made these for a friend’s birthday back in Brighton. These are the presents people who love desserts will really appreciate! 🙂

Ciao for now!



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