Sugared Rose Petals

Last week I received a beautiful flower bouquet.. unexpected surprise! 

Most of my favourite flowers were in the composition: lilies, carnations and of course pink and white roses, which might sound a bit cliché but when they look as perfect as those were, I dare any girl to say they don’t like roses 😛

Anyways.. instead of hanging the roses upside down and let them dry to keep them a little longer, I thought they would’ve been perfect as decorations.. for my various desserts. The simplest way to describe what they taste like is: it tastes how it smells. Might sound silly but give it a try. To be honest I am not a fan of rose tasting food (for example Turkish delights, hate them), but I was thinking of making a Pavlova one of these days, since I have strawberries and a dozen eggs it seemed like a good idea and the roses would be a bit of crystallised decoration that can obviously be eaten 🙂

I picked and cleaned all the best looking petals (I tossed all the ones that were even bruised or ruined in the slightest)

We are talking 3-4 medium roses, 1 egg white and 4tbsp of sugar. 

IMG_5279 IMG_5280

In all the recipe site I’ve checked, they say to use a pastry brush to cover the rose petals with egg white. I don’t have a brush so you could either stroke the petals with your fingers or dip the petal in the egg white directly, just paying attention drip it properly avoiding the egg “snot” forming lumps in the sugar bowl. 


Once the petal is wet, place it in the sugar plate/bowl and cover it evenly on the sides being careful not to loose its shape. Let dry on the parchment for a couple of hours. 


Enjoy. Ciao for now! 

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