Strawberry and Cream Pavlova II


Yes! All it seems I’m doing at the moment is baking, baking and BAKING! I promise I am doing uni work also. I had a dinner yesterday based on fresh home made pasta, which means lots and lots of egg whites to be used!

So why not make another pavlova? I’ve slightly changed the recipe for this pavlova and instead of double layer I’ve kept it traditional and made only one.


4 egg whites (room temperature if possible)

3/4 cup of Sugar

1 tsp vinegar (lemon is fine also)

1 tsp cream of tartar (just to make it stiffer but it’s not necessary)

1tsp cornflour


300 ml thick cream+2 tsp sugar

250 gr strawberries+ dark+white chocolate (grated) as decoration

Turn oven on 180°

Beat the egg whites (I started with a KitchenAid but it didn’t beat the egg whites evenly and they stayed a bit flat, that is why I had to add the cream of tartar to create some volume and switched an electric mixer). As the eggs start whitening and fluffing up add gradually the sugar.

Once it has formed stiff peaks, add the rest of the dry ingredients and incorporate evenly.

Place the mix on baking paper on a tray in a circle shape and put in the oven at 180° for the first 5 minutes, then turn down to 50° for an hour. When its crispy, turn the oven off, keep it slightly ajar and let it cool.

The mixture will look more like marshmallow fluff that beaten egg whites 🙂 and it is AMAZING! Once out of the oven it looks like an angel food cake and it is as light and white as a cloud 🙂 🙂


When you transfer it on a plate, handle it CAREFULLY as the external crust with crumble and break off very easily.

While this is cooling, whip the cream adding the sugar gradually.

Cut the strawberries in half vertically.

Once the Pavlova is completely cooled (it won’t take very long), pour all the cream on it and place the strawberries on top. I had made a really pretty design, but my friend went a bit crazy with the chocolate shavings and covered it 😦 It still looked pretty yummy nonetheless 😀

IMG_5630  IMG_5632IMG_5631

There you go, another beautiful and delicious pavlova.

Ciao for now! xx

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