Oven Baked Doughnuts

Hey All, it’s been too long.. again.. but work, uni, club events they are all happening at the same time! I decided to give myself a rest day today and made these beautiful doughnut which I think, if fried, would be even better but this is definitely the healthier version 😛 My flatmate is going to be happy today!

INGREDIENTS: (makes about 20)

230 ml milk

60 gr sugar +  for sprinkling

1 egg

500gr plain flour

7gr dried yeast (just one sachet)

100 gr softened butter in cubes+2tsp

pinch of salt

In a bowl, put the egg, sugar, salt, milk and mix. Add the yeast and half of the flower and start mixing and kneading on working surface. A piece at the time, add the 100gr butter cubes until combined and then add the rest of the flour little by little. You will obtain a smooth, elastic dough which you will place in an oiled bowl, cover with a damp clean cloth and set aside for an hour 1/2. I placed it in the turned off oven.


Once it has grown double its original size, sprinkle some flour on the working counter and knead it gently, then flatten it with a rolling pin leaving it 1cm high. Take a cookie cutter or a glass to make the round shapes and for the smaller hole I used one of the my piping nozzles but anything round can be used.


Because there was some left over dough i just used the nozzle and make tiny donut bites 🙂


Place all your doughnuts on baking trays covered in parchment and let them rest for another hour.


the yeast should still be active and continue growing..


Turn oven on 180°.

Melt 2 tbsp of butter and with a brush cover the doughnuts’ surface. In a place, put the rest of the sugar and gently roll in the buttered doughnuts.


put in the oven for 10-15 min (at half time, say 6 mins I turned them around)

And you are done and ready to eat them. As I said, if fried they would be awesome. But anything that gets fried is so.. 😀


anyways, enjoy.

Ciao for now!! xox

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