Minion Cake

Well… It is almost unnecessary to say that this is the biggest project and best work I’ve done up to now. Think I really pushed it this time 😛 Just as a back story: Simone, my flatmate, is in LOVE with these minions and has been dropping not so subtle hints about wanting cupcakes or something shaped as one of them. I missed his birthday last year, will miss it this year again and never made him the promised Oreo cake (I’m sure that as soon as he reads this he will want that one too now). So, after half blown nervous breakdowns, messed up cake batters and decoration sizes and 6 hours of hard work and I got this!


to make this I used the same technique for the my birthday cake, using the jumbo cupcake, baking each layer separately.


375 gr self rising flour + 370gr butter+ 375 gr sugar

6 eggs

1 tsp baking powder

1/2 cups cocoa powder

3 tbsp milk


300gr butter,

3 cups icing sugar

splash of milk and splash of coffee (just to make it moist, don’t add too much it will get liquid and you’ll have to add more sugar)

100 gr melted dark chocolate

Spray the jumbo cupcake mould with oil and bake one layer at the time. 180° for 30mins or till its completely baked, it might take longer than that.

Once they have cooled, with a serrated knife, cut off the top (except for the top layer) of the cake, the bottom and the sides. Mine some parts were slightly burnet so I just off those parts. Don’t throw the cut off bits (if they are burnt then yes of course throw them). They can used to make cake pops.


I put whipped cream between the layers. Not a good idea. Cream is too soft and not strong enough to keep so many heavy layers in place. Stick to Buttercream it’s easier to work with and it helps the whole process.


Once you covered it with the buttercream put in the fridge or freezer to set. Then take it out again give it another thin layer of buttercream so you can place the fondant on it.


750 gr yellow ready to roll icing

750 gr blue icing

500 gr white icing (I coloured this with black, brown colouring)

Unfortunately because I was in such a hurry I wasn’t able to take pictures of the whole assembling process, but I have the individual pieces 🙂

BUTTONS: Coloured the icing, rolled it and then cut rounds and made some indentations with the back of the whisk. It’s your choice what is more convenient for you to use. I find you don’t need to spend money on specific equipment (if you can’t afford it) and just use what you have around the house. Guaranteed there is always something you can use.


EYE: coloured the white icing to make the brown (mix red and green colours on a plate, I mean a drop each and then work it in the icing. It does get really sticky so add powdered sugar) and the grey. With different size circles cut out the white, the brown the black. For the goggle, get a ball of grey and start making a long worm like shape. For the sides, make two small grey balls and put some pressure on them between your thumbs and index fingers to shape them as rectangles. With more grey cut out really small circles to place around the goggle. IMG_7975

IMG_7977 IMG_7987

For the little jump suit, roll out the blue, and cut the shape below. With the knife I made small marks to make it look like stitches in the material. With the blue also cut 3 longs stripes, 2 will be for the jump suit straps and one will be for his bottom half for the trousers.

IMG_7980 IMG_7978 IMG_7979Cut out the pockets to place in front of the suit.

Cut out a strip of black to make the goggle tie.

With more blue make two small sausages and cut one of the ends from both to make the legs.

With the black icing, make to walnut size balls and like for the goggles latches, make them into rectangles for the feet.


Now make roll a big sheet of yellow and place it on top of the cake. Very delicately pat it down and make it smooth all round. Again I was super late. I mean I knew it was gonna take long, but I had mishaps with the cake and wrong measurements and it took me longer than expected. So my cake was smooth till you got to the back of it. Also the icing dried up and it cracked when I was putting it on, so.. if I had times everything right it would’ve been better but i’m still happy with the results. 😀

IMG_7995 IMG_799811263826_871955216177075_791446808_n

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