Bigné- Profiteroles


End of semester cravings are already starting up!

The last day of class, I decided I wanted something sweet for dinner. It had already been quite a long and exhausting day, so I thought that profiteroles would be the easiest and quickest thing to make, also cuz they are quite light I knew I wouldn’t feel as guilty eating them 😛


250ml water

80 gr butter

150gr sifted flour

3 lightly beaten eggs

For the filling

one orange

200gr chocolate

Turn oven on 180°.

In a saucepan place water and butter. When it starts boiling, remove from heat and stir in the flour with a wooden spoon. Put back on the heat till it becomes a compact ball and comes off the sides of the pan.


Remove from heat once again and stir in the beaten egg a little at the time. The pastry should look glossy and sticky. It will take some elbow work as the pastry is quite stiff and it will take a bit of energy to stir in the eggs.


Cover a tray with parchment. Spoon small balls on the tray, keeping some distance from one another as they will puff up in the oven.


wet your finger with water and tap down the surface lightly. Put in the oven for 20 mins or until golden.


When the profiteroles are out of the oven, with a knife or skewer make a small hole at the bottom, where the cream will be piped in. While the profiteroles are cooling, Melt your chocolate at bagno-maria and let it cool.

Grate the orange and put all the zest in the cream, and whip it and put it in the fridge.


Now putting everything together: dip the profiteroles in the chocolate to cover the top. Place in the fridge for to solidify.

IMG_8125 IMG_8124

Once the chocolate is hard enough, Put the cream in a piping bag and pipe it in the hole you made previously. You will feel the profiteroles filling up. Don’t squeeze to hard or the profiteroles will literally explode from too much cream 😛 yes it can happen!

IMG_8127 IMG_8126

And there you go! Lovely creamy profiteroles- bigné! 🙂 They didn’t last the evening 🙂


Enjoy! Ciao for now xox

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