Multicolour strawberry pavlova 

Now.. This is something I have made quite a few times as it is a really simple dish takes no time at all the whisk up and it only has to stay in the oven for an hour so if you busy cleaning the house or studying it’s perfect for a traeat after the hard work😁. 

I Wanted to give it a twist This Time and be a bit creative. 


5 egg whites ( room temp if possible) 

1/2 cup of sugar+ 1 tbsp 

1tsp cream of tartar 

250 gr strawberries 

150 gr whipping cream 

1tsp icing sugar 

1 orange 

Food colouring ( I used yellow, green, blue , red)

Turn oven on 180. In a metal bowl Whisk the egg whites. When they start foaming, pour little at the time the half cup of sugar and then add the cream of tartar. Stop whisking when you reach stiff peaks. 

Divide the meringue in 4 bowls. Colour each with 3-4 drops of food colouring and mix with metal spoon, delicately. 

Line a tray with parchment paper and place the meringue on it forming circles of the same size if possible 

Bake at 180 for 5 minutes then lower to 150-120 for an hour. 

Let them cool. In the meantime whip the cream with the icing sugar. Clean and cut the strawberries and mix them with the orange juice and the rest of the sugar. 

Now you can start layering. You can decide the order of the colours. 😊

 I cut a strawberries in vertical slices just as a decoration and then sprinkled with icing sugar. 

And now it’s ready to be eaten and enjoyed! 

Ciao for now! Xox

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