Key Lime cupcakes- UP!

Another house warming 🙂 not mine of course! I did propose to make an EPIC cake with M&Ms inside.. BUT finger food was highly suggested and required for this type of event. These are actually some of my mom’s favourite cupcakes (of the ones I make.. she does like pretty much any dessert on this earth <3)

These cupcakes aren’t JUST lime cupcakes.. they are key lime base cake, with a lemon curd heart and a key lime cream cheese frosting on the top. And seeing it was a house warming it seemed fit to give it a of a theme with one of the best Pixar movies made recently.. UP! 🙂

INGREDIENTS:  Main- 3key limes 1 lemon

For the Cupcakes:

3cups flour

2cups sugar

1tsp baking powder

226 gr butter

6 eggs

2tbsp lime zest

1/2 cup milk

For the Curd:

3 eggs

60 gr butter

1/4 lemon juice

3/4 sugar

1tbsp lemon zest

For the Frosting:

3cups icing sugar (depending on how dense or firm you want it add more or less)

226gr butter

220gr cream cheese

4 food colourings (your choice, I used the basic red, blue,yellow and green)

Coloured icing fondant (again any colour or use white and you can die it)

the rest of the lime juice and lime zest (tbsp each or a bit more)

Turn oven on to 180°. Line the cupcake tray with different coloured holders. Beat butter till fluffy and add the sugar till combined.

Add an egg at the time and scrape down the bowl after each addition. Add the sifted dry ingredients and lastly add the milk and the zest.


I usually use spoons but to make them more equal in size, I used an ice cream scoop. Fill them 3/4 of the liner and then put them in the oven for 20 minutes.


In the meantime make the curd. In a heat proof bowl, mix the eggs, the sugar, lemon juice and zest. Place over a simmering pot of water and mix for 6-8 minutes until it becomes creamy. Take off the stove and sieve it to eliminate the egg remnants.


Mix the butter in. Cover with cling film and place it in the fridge till it sets.

While the cupcakes are cooling, make the frosting.


Beat the butter and the cream cheese adding a cup of icing sugar at the time. Add the lime zest and the juice.

Divide them in 4 bowls and colour each one of a different colour.


Once the cupcakes are cooled, with a knife cut out a the centre.

IMG_8921 IMG_8923IMG_8925

Fill the holes with the chilled lemon curd.


Frost. I just spread it on top without using piping bags.

Now for the house. I cut a circle of white fondant to cover the top of one of the cupcakes.


I’ll indicate the colours I used to make it simpler to understand but feel free to use any other.

I cut a blue rectangle to be part of the roof.


Cut two yellow smaller rectangles (one smaller than the other) to be the house.


And now with other colours make the windows, the roof and the chimney by always cutting the fondant in smaller rectangles and shapes.

IMG_8931 IMG_8932

Now to put it all together. On the base of a large/long parchment paper,piping some blue lines that will be te balloons strings. Place the house under the lines and put the balloons on top as you see fit!


And that’s all 🙂

Enjoy. Ciao for now xox

2 thoughts on “Key Lime cupcakes- UP!

  1. There are indead my very favourite cupcakes. They were actually the very first Valentina made me try last a year or so ago. AMAAAAAAAAAAAAAZING. UNBELIEVABLY delicious. A MUST!!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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