No-Bake Mixed Berries Cheesecake

Public holidays are the best when it’s finally sunny and…. too hot! Some friends organised a nice chilled out picnic in a park and it was the case to make something cool and refreshing. Unfortunately the cheesecake didn’t set in time and I wasn’t able to bring it along. But this just means I will have to eat for dinner instead 🙂


500gr cream cheese

100 gr melted butter

200 gr of plain cookies (I used Arnott’s milk cookies)

400 gr of frozen mixed berries

1 tbsp icing sugar

400 ml condensed milk

1 gelatine sheet

Put 200gr of berries and the icing sugar in a saucepan on medium-low heat for 20minutes until the berries dissolve. Stir occasionally, avoiding the berries to burn or stick to the bottom. Once they are done, sieve them in a bowl to eliminate all the seeds.   

 Blitz or crush the cookies to crumb them. Add the melted butter and mix with a fork or in the food processor. In a cake tray, pour the buttered cookie crumbs and press them to cover the bottom and the sides of the tray surface.

Whisk together the cream cheese and the condensed milk until combined.

In a small bowl or cup, melt to the gelatine sheet in some water for 5-10 minutes. With your hands, squeeze the excess water and place the sheet in a saucepan at medium heat. Stir continuously until completely melted and add in the cream cheese mixture.

Divide the cream into two bowl. One will remain the same, in the other you will add the cooled berry sauce.

Now start layering the cake. Start with 3 tsp of white and alternate with 1-2 berry tbsp.

 Do this until you finish the cream. Now with a knife, make some swirls. It doesn’t have to be neat or have a specific pattern it is up to you. I made it look like this, by going sideways with the knife.

Put in the fridge to set. It should take at least 2 hours. I cut it pretty fine with timing and didn’t make it. Now place the rest of the frozen berries on top as a decoration.


Enjoy. Ciao for now! xox

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