Rainbow Passionfruit Swiss Roll Cake

rainbow roulade

I just needed to bake something after these weeks of never-leave-the-computer to finish (or start) assignments for the end of semester. These weeks are going to be tough, but we will get through it!

I initially fancied something with pumpkin but I quickly changed my mind as soon as I saw some passionfruit on the shelves….


For the roll:

4 eggs (separated)

120 gr sugar

100gr flour

1tsp baking powder

2-3tbsp warm water

60gr soft butter

For the filling

3 passionfruit

100ml cream

150gr cream cheese

4 food colouring

Turn oven on 180°. Line a rectangular tray with parchment and grease it.

Beat the yolks and the sugar till fluffy and pale. Add the baking powder, the flour, butter and 2 tbsp of water. If the batter is still to stiff, add another bit of water.

Whisk the egg whites reaching hard peaks, and with a metal spoon, fold in the batter half at the time.  

Divide the batter in 4 bowls and colour them with a couple of food colouring drops (i used blue, red, green and orange- by mixing red and yellow)  

Make a line of each colour along the long side of the tray. It should be enough to make two lines of each colour   

 Leave in the oven for 20minutes.

Take out. Let it cool for a minute or two then roll and let it rest.   

 In the meantime make the filling. Whip the cream and then add the cream cheese and the passionfruit.

Once the roll is completely cooled, spread the cream in it. Careful not to overload it as it will come out when you roll it up again.   

  Cut the end.  
Now it’s ready to be devoured! 🙂 

 Enjoy. Ciao for now! xox

One thought on “Rainbow Passionfruit Swiss Roll Cake

  1. What a marvelously happy cake this seems. I can just taste the ‘joy’ of it: shape, colours, freshness of the fruit…. scrumptiously soft and appealing to look at which transmits a huge immediate impact on the taste buds. Picture me drooling!!!!!!!!!!! Fabulous idea

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