Buttery Croissants


I had a thousand ideas of what to make this weekend but of course I kept on changing my mind. There is BBQ on Sunday and I wanted to try making a millefeuille with chantilly, (that might be my next post!), but I’ve never tried making puff pastry and all the recipes keep on stating that it is 5stars in difficulty. So…..

Why not try on myself but with something similar… I did follow some of Jamie Oliver’s steps but some I went with the flow.

INGREDIENTS: (this take a while to make, 3-4 hours maybe)

500gr plain flour

7gr dry yeast

1 tsp salt

150ml warm water

200ml warm milk

200gr+50gr butter cold!

Mix dry ingredients and rub in 50gr butter. 

 Make a well in the middle and pour water and milk and start mixing. On a highly floured surface knead the dough, stretching it, making sure the yeast activates. Once it reaches a smooth and elastic consistency, place in a grease bowl, cover it with cling and put aside in a warm place. I put it in the oven with the light on for an hour at least. 

 Get the 200gr butter and place it in the middle of two cling sheets. With a rolling pin, beat it until it flattens out. try to maintain a rectangular shape to it. And put in the fridge again. 

Once the dough has doubled in size, place it on floured surface and knead. Roll it to reach 50×25 shape 

 Then place the butter in the middle. Close the dough like a parcel, by folding both sides towards the centre. 

 Turn it so the short side is facing you and roll it again. Now, fold the top part to the middle and the bottom part and then fold on itself. Cover with cling and put in the fridge until the butter sets again, so 30min-1hour. 

 You need to do this process 3-4 times, with resting times in between. I left the dough in the fridge overnight, but you don’t need to.

Once that is done, roll it out as much as you can leaving a thickness of 5mm approx. Cut the edges off, as they will be irregular. Now, I was not following any pictures or anything so I made it up as I went. Cut triangles from the strip of dough you made. 

If the triangles are a bit uneven, you can pull them slightly to reach the desired shape. I made all mine different sizes, which was not done on purpose but it’s the taste that counts right now! 😛

Take the shortest side and roll it towards the tip and then tuck in delicately.   

  You can see from the sides that the layers have been successfully achieved!  
Place all these beauties on a grease and floured parchment, cover with a DRY tea towel and leave for another hour at least. 

Once they have risen. you can bake them for 15min at 180°.

And Voilà! Aren’t they cute!!! 🙂 And they taste AMAZING. So simple, yet so time consuming! 

Enjoy! Ciao for now! xox

3 thoughts on “Buttery Croissants

  1. They ARE irregular but that’s why they look so organically genuine and REAL! According to the occasion you can make the croissants look daintier by making them bite size and appear more sophisticated with some kind of filling for a different High Tea Menu or make them HUGE and decadent for comfort food…… You’re very gutzy to venture out on all these difficult pastries. Well done as usual.


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