Flaky MilleFeuille

Croissants was only the first step! The real deal has happened today.

This also I left overnight due to time constraints, but this can be done in the same day not a problem.

I have been suggested to add toasted pecans or chocolate drops to make crunchier 🙂 will do next time, thank for the tip mom ❤


For the puff pastry:

250gr flour

250 gr butter (room temp not melted)

150ml iced water

For the creme patissiere

4 yolks

100gr sugar

40gr flour

500ml milk

lemon zest

icing sugar for dusting

Start with the puff as it will take the longest.

In a bowl sift the flour and rub in the butter. Make sure there are big chunks of butter when you add the water. Mix the dough until it’s combined but still rough. Cover the bowl with cling and put it in the fridge until it sets (20mins).

In the meantime, put the lemon zest in the milk and warm it in the microwave for a minute. Sieve the milk to eliminate the zest.

In a saucepan at medium heat whisk yolks and sugar until pale. Add the flour and then add the milk. Leave on the heat for 3-4 minutes constantly mixing. Remove from heat, cover with cling and let it cool.

Take the dough out. On a floured surface knead the dough. With a rolling pin work it into a rectangle shape (50x25cm). Fold the dough, top and bottom parts towards the middle and then fold on itself. Cover with cling and put in the fridge for 20mins or more if it needs it.

 Roll the dough from the short side facing you. This process needs to be repeated 3 times.

Turn the oven on 180°. Flatten the dough into the same rectangle shape, cut off the irregular sides to make it a perfect rectangle. Cut four strips of dough.

Place two at the time in a tray and bake for 15mins.

 Once they are cooled, place one layer in a serving dish and cover with the creme. Do this until you finish the layers. Cover the last layer of puff with icing sugar.

  Volià! Ready to eat 🙂 🙂  


Enjoy..Ciao for now! xox

One thought on “Flaky MilleFeuille

  1. Wow! It really does look flaky and light!
    As you commented over thephone, the creme patissiere was slightly too “runny” and the final appearance was a little imperfect considering your capabilities in decorations. You could try filling the pastry layers by placing them in a rectangular mould (without the bottom) so that the sides remain clean and compact as you pile up the layers. Once the whole cake has been satisfactorily filled just pull up the mould and it’ll all be perfectly neat and aligned.


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