Snow globe coconut cupcakes

snow globe cupcake

As mentioned before and as we all know it’s this time of the year again! Xmas is fast approaching people and how else could I express some creativity and employ my free time making? YES! New experiments and techniques, which to be honest I wasn’t sure were gonna work out completely but fortunately have.

I tried making quite a few gelatine bubbles following various recipes, which were all different and somewhat contradicting so I just went a bit those recipes and a bit with gut feeling and it turned out quite alright 🙂 Not perfect but they still pretty amazing.

No chocolate was allowed at this dinner so I went with coconut, which funnily enough worked out for the snow flaky effect on the frosting 🙂


For the frosting:

1 can of coconut cream
3 cups icing sugar
200 gr butter
150 gr shredded coconut

For the coconut balls:

200gr of shredded coconut
100gr condensed milk

For the cupcakes:

430gr flour
1tsp baking powder
270gr sugar
170gr butter
380gr milk
2 eggs
3 tbsp heated coconut cream

For the gelatine bubbles:

gelatine powder
water balloons+ spray oil (or oil its just easier with the spray)+ polystyrene surface AND something to place in the middle, could be small toys, cookies, or toothpicks with shapes like mine.

I would start by making the BALLOONS. This is in hindsight of course as I started doing other things before hand. But advice: start with the gelatine!

Blow up the balloons, as big or as small as you like.

Following instructions: I started by attaching a toothpick to the knot of the balloons with sticky tape. Spray the oil on them and spread it evenly.

Get a bowl that is big enough for a balloons to fit in and melt 2 tbsp on powdered gelatine in 4 tbsp and a bit of cold water. This should be good to cover at 5-6 balloons, depending on how big they are. It will be quite dense so mix it well and microwave for 10 seconds. Mix again and dip the balloons turning them in and trying to cover all its surface. Then stick the toothpick in the polystyrene surface. Mind you I did this in a couple of ways, note that because of the gelatine weight the balloons will lop sideways like so:xfn

Or others just as experiment, without a toothpick attached to them, I simply put in one of the holes in the shape and let them dry upright. I discovered that the position doesn’t matter its the layers. So repeat the same process 3-4 times, waiting at least 10-15 minutes for each to sort of set, and then let set for 12 hours at least.

The day after I did one more layer and let set for another 9-10 hours. Get the balloon and with a toothpick, make a hole next to the knot so that it deflates gently keeping the shape of the sphere I tried popping it in other places and it crumples up and takes the gelatine with it. Gently peel off the balloons from inside with your fingers and this is what I got.

IMG_0745 IMG_0753

With some scissors cut the uneven bits at the end following the circle.

Now while the balloons are setting you can start reducing the coconut cream over a low heat, this should take an hour or so to completely reduce and become actual cream.

COCONUT BALLS: Mix 200gr shredded coconut and the condensed milk. With a small spoon make the portions and with the palm of your hand roll small balls and set in the fridge.

Turn on oven at 180°. For the CUPCAKES: place all dry ingredients in a bowl and mix. In a separate bowl combine milk, eggs and the coconut cream that is reducing from the stove. It wasn’t completely reduced you just need it to be still liquid enough to mix with the milk.

Now fill the cupcake tray with liners, fill in with half a tbsp and place a ball in the middle and then cover with more batter.

coconut cupcake

Leave in the oven for 20 minutes and let them cool.

Now for the FROSTING: beat butter and icing sugar and slowly add the coconut cream (there should be 4 tbsp at least). Up to you if you want to add or put less, taste it and see how you feel. Remember you might have to compensate with more sugar if it gets too liquid. Pour in a piping bag. I just cut the end of the bag didn’t use a nozzle for this.

In a bowl place 150gr shredded coconut. Pipe the cupcakes with a simple circular movement from outside towards the centre and dip the cupcakes in the coconut. You can add more with your hands if necessary, but this should do the trick.

coconut cupcake  IMG_0762

Now, stick a figurine or shape on top and cover with the gelatine bubble.

snow globe cupcakes

I added some glitter to make it prettier, shame you can’t really see it from the picture.

And there you have your lovely snow globes! 🙂 I kept them in the fridge before serving, it is way too hot here to keep out as they might spoil.

Enjoy ciao for now! xox

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