Chocolate Spheres w Ice-Cream

Organised a lovely dinner with some friends and neighbours to change pace in my weekends.. Started with a main Sardinian dish which was amazeballs and then ended on a lovely chocolate, ice-cream, toffee sauce note 🙂

Being the first time I made them, I would definitely change some things such as making the spheres thinner, however first time round, it was so hot outside, the spheres kept on cracking overtime I tried to pop them out of the silicone mould. Anyways, they were delish nonetheless!


380gr chocolate (dark or milk your preference)

vanilla ice-cream

300ml double cream

1 cup brown sugar

60gr butter

In a metal bowl over simmering water melt the chocolate.

Take the round moulds and, I did this one at the time since I’m not a pro yet, pour a tablespoon of chocolate in and rotate it so that it covers all the surface. Do so in all spheres.


Once you have covered all of them in chocolate, tip over on a cooling rack, putting a parchment underneath not to dirty the counter, to eliminate the excess chocolate and place in the freezer for 30 minutes.


Since they were cracking in my attempt to take them out the first time, I added some more chocolate inside but I don’t think that is necessary in a cooler weather. Pop the spheres out from the mould, delicately.


With the extra leftover chocolate, with a spatula or a spoon, spread it on a piece of parchment and put in the freezer. When it is set, crack in uneven pieces that will go on the plate as a base of the sphere.

Place a pan over very low heat. Place due halves on chocolate on it and with a circular movement slightly melt the edges and then put them together to make a complete sphere. Place them in the freezer for 10 minutes.

Once they are set, again take the sphere and melt one side of it over the pan, always with a circular movement to melt it evenly. The hole has to be big enough for a teaspoon to fit in. Place in the freezer to set once again.

Now, fill the spheres with ice-cream and place in the freezer until you need to serve them


Make the toffee sauce by putting cream, brown sugar and butter in saucepan and let it simmer till it thickens and is all evenly mixed and combined. Might take 20 minutes.

Now put all these pieces together: Place the cracked sheets of chocolate at the bottom of a place, place the chocolate sphere on top. Make sure that the toffee sauce of boiling hot in order for it melt the chocolate cap. Pour the toffee sauce on the chocolate. Now mine didn’t melt straight away as I made an extra layer, but if you make it thin enough it should work out perfectly. I’ll have to try it again.


It still looks pretty damn amazing to me or my friends were all impressed :IMG_0814

Enjoy, ciao for now! xox

2 thoughts on “Chocolate Spheres w Ice-Cream

  1. It looked so shiny and delicious when the hot coffe was poured onto the sphere!!!!
    To make things easier, it’s best to fill the half shperes BEFORE sticking the the halves together. Then place in the freezer, then stick together. Saves having to make a whole afterwards and is basically faster.
    Your pictures showed the yumminess once the whole dessert had collapsed onto itself!!!!!!!!!!


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