Butterscotch-toffee cake pops

As I mentioned in my previous two posts, I have several cake cut off and toffee sauce leftover to make these wonderful cake pops! 🙂
Generally to make cake pops some might make a cake purposefully to make them or use cut off and leftover not to waste any food, which is what I usually end up doing.

To make these you will need a cake; toffee; red candy melts; sprinkles; cake pop sticks and fairy cupcake liners.

For the cake recipe you can check out the Game of Thrones butterscotch cake.

As for the toffee sauce quite simply boil and simmer:
60gr butter
300ml of cream
1 cup brown sugar
until it thickens. Once the toffee sauce has cooled completely, put in the fridge until it’s set.

Crumble the cake pieces or the cake itself in a large bowl. Make sure there are no big bits, except for the walnuts of course 🙂
Spoon in the toffee, small amounts at the time and mix with your hands. You might not need all the sauce, but it depends on your preferences. You need to reach a firm consistency so that you are able to make a ball out of the crumb-toffee combination.

Make balls as big as shelled walnuts and place in the fridge to set.


In the meantime, melt the candy melt over a pot of simmering water.

Get the cake balls out of the fridge and get a tray. Dip one end of the lollipop sticks in the candy melt and push in a cake ball and place on the tray. Once they are all done, put back in the fridge to set once again.



Make sure the candy melt is still liquid and fluid as you will need to dip each cake pop in it, completely covering the surface. Hold the stick at an angle over the bowl candy melt bowl, tap lightly to ensure the excess melt will come off.


Hold the cake pop upside down (ball down, stick up) and pour sprinkles of your choice over it. Then place in a fairy cake liner to dry.


When that is all done you can place in the fridge once again. I would suggest taking them out a while earlier before serving, so the toffee sauce softens enough to be moist and tasty!

Enjoy. Ciao for now! xox

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