Danish Pastries

danish pastries

These days on Food Network they have been advertising this new program about Denmark and Danish foods, from desserts to savoury dishes. They obviously all look amazingly delicious. Remembering my days at uni in the UK, when I would always have breakfast with £1 coffee and £2 apple danish, I felt a bit of nostalgia. I decided to make danish pastry and give it a try. I also had a beach trip organised for Saturday and was ready to make breakfast for everyone on the trip 🙂

You can find the puff pastry recipe here. It is the same one I used for the croissants and it is great. I did find some variations but this was the one I really liked at first and the one that needs the least ingredients, so I am also guessing it is lighter than other that use eggs.

Apart from the puff pastry ingredients, to make the danishes you will need:


For the glaze-

1 cup of icing sugar (you won’t use it all, have surplus just in case)

1-2 tbsp water

For the cream cheese filling- ( you will a lot more than needed, but you can use this for other recipes or even smear it on top of the already baked pastries as a cream)

220gr cream cheese

10gr butter, melted

1 egg yolk

2 tbsp sugar

For the topping-

canned apricots and/or frozen mixed berries

Make the puff pastry first.



Now while it is resting in the fridge, after the folding it at least three times, make the cream cheese filling. Mix all the ingredients together until smooth. You can put it in the fridge until the pastry is ready to fill.

Now, I made different shapes for this just to try them out. Roll the pastry out making it at least 1 cm high. It will keep on growing even once you rolled it out.


Cut the first square. Cut the corners diagonally towards the centre. Fold each of the outer corners towards the centre and set aside on a greased parchment and cover.





Cut another square and fold the corners towards the centre. Set aside with others.



Lastly, cut yet another square. Cut the inside of the top left corner as to make a frame and then cut the bottom right corner the same way. Fold each corner to the opposite side, one on top of the other. Use all the pastry to make these different shapes.




Turn oven on 180°. Let them rise for at least another 10 minutes and then top with cream cheese and the chosen fruit. Put in the oven for 15mins.



Now prepare the glaze. Start with a 1 tbsp of water and then add as much icing sugar as needed (usually 3-4tbsp) to reach a thick, white glaze. To make the glaze thicker add sugar, to make it more liquid add water.


With a fork, let the glaze drip on the pastry with back-forward movement.IMG_1839

And there you have it. If you are not planning on eating them the same day, I recommend putting them in the fridge as they do have cream cheese on them. You can microwave them (30secs) or put them in the oven for brekkie or a snack. They are still really good.


Ciao for now! xox

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