Marble Cupcakes with Lime Buttercream

Another Monday has arrived (again, I’m late with posting things my apologies) and Cake Mondays has been confirmed officially. Although I was feeling a bit delicate on Sunday, after attending an amazing wedding on Saturday, I felt like making something tasteful and not too complicated.

INGREDIENTS: (makes approx. 24 fairy cupcakes)

For the cupcakes-

210gr butter, soft

1 1/2 cups sugar

3 eggs

1 1/2 cups flour

4 tbsp plain yogurt

1/2 cups cocoa powder

For the buttercream-

250gr butter, soft

3-4 cups icing sugar

1-2 tsp lime essence

For the decorations-

white and blue ready to roll icing

extra icing sugar

green, yellow and black food colouring (you will need some brushes)

Cup of water

Silver sugar pearls

Start with the cupcakes. Turn oven on 180°. Whisk the butter and the sugar together, then add the eggs. Scrape down the bowl and add the flour and the yogurt. Divide the batter in two bowls. In the second bowl add the cocoa powder. Line the cupcake trays and pour in a layer of white batter then top it with the chocolate one. With a toothpick roughly swirl the batter and bake for 20mins.



In the meantime you can prepare the buttercream. Start whisking the butter and add the icing sugar a bit at the time and then the lime essence and food colouring. Put into a piping bag with a star nozzle and pipe on the completely cooled cupcakes.



Now you can start making the flowers. In two separate bowls pour in one some yellow and the other black. Set aside. Get some al foil and shape it in a V shape in a way the stands for itself and where you can place the flowers to dry (check the pics later).

Roll out the white and the blue icings. You can use icing sugar as a sort of flour when rolling them out. Cut two circles from the blue, and 3 slightly smaller ones from the white. Make a small ball with the left over icing and flatten it slightly.


Now overlap the blue petals over the flattened ball. Wet the tip of your finger to help sticking the icings together. Don’t flood it though, slightly wet the borders that need to connect.Now overlap two white circles at the bottom of the blue petals. Lastly place the third white petal at the centre at the bottom of the white circles placed before.



With a brush, lightly make a dent in the middle flower and bend inwards. Place the flower in the al foil rack to dry.


Now with a small brush, coloured the central petal with some yellow and let dry.With a thin brush, make some black lines on the white petals, starting from the centre toward the outside and place a silver pearl in the middle of the flower.



I made other simpler flowers using cutters and pinching the tips of the petals together. Once its all dry, you can place each flower on a cupcake. I kept them in the fridge overnight and kept them out of the fridge for at least 1-2hours before serving.



They tasted great! Enjoy, Ciao for now! xox





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