Vanilla Sponge and Passionfruit cake

passionfruit cake

Hello cake lovers! Yes it is another day with another dessert, incredible taste and textures and eye-appeal 🙂 This is another Cake Monday treat for those special people in the office. I wanted to make something light and flavourful but would also look stunning (not to blow my own horn or anything..) I went to the Cake Expo in Mansfield which was inspiration for this little baby. I usually steer clear from covering whole cakes with fondant but I clearly never tasted such good quality before hand. I rolled it out quite thin also, so not to taste too much of the sugar and concentrate more on the taste inside the cake 🙂


For the Cake-

200gr flour

1 tsp baking powder

8 eggs

1 cup sugar

150gr butter melted and cool

For the filling-

300ml thick cream

6 passionfruit

For the decoration-

2 packs of clear blue fondant

1 pack of white fondant

white edible ink

Turn oven on 180°. Grease and line two 20cm round spring cake tins. Sift the flour three times . In a bowl whisk the eggs and the sugar until doubled in size and pale. Sift the flour over the eggs a little at the time and fold in with a spatula until combined. Now pour into the two trays and bake for 20minutes. Take out of the tin and let cool.

Clean the passionfruit and place the pulp in a sieve over a bowl. Make small incisions on the top part of the first  cake layer and on the bottom of the second layer. Slowly pour the passionfruit juice in the sponge so to absorb it.


Whip the cream and put into a piping bag. Pipe a large circle over the first layer of the sponge and spread with a knife and cover with passionfruit.


+++. I made the roses ahead of time so they could harden. Take the white fondant and make balls, different sizes. Shape them into cones and stick a toothpick or skewed at the bottom of it.

Roll out the white fondant and cut in flower shape. Insert the flower at the bottom of the skewer so to puncture its centre and lift towards the cone . Wet the petals with some water using a brush and bend and close each petals on the cone. Whichever petal you start with the second petal you bend has to be the opposite one.


Now add a second flower (same as before) Wet the petals and attach only one side of the petal to the rose bud. Make sure you go around and that all the attached petals are somehow inside one another. Attach the rest of the petal over the approximate petal.


Insert a third flower and repeat the procedure above.

Now set aside to dry. I made a few just buds and other only with two petals just to change the appearance as if it were as real flower bouquet.


Pipe the left over cream over the cake and spread it to cover the whole surface. Now roll out the blue fondant. Make sure it’s big enough to cover the whole cake including the sides. Delicately pull the fondant downwards and flatten it against the cake. I wasn’t able to make it perfect and that is why I placed all my roses to one side to cover it 🙂  Cut the excess fondant.


At the Expo I bought these really cute stamps. I bought the started kit with the roller, ink and the plate to pour the ink on. I used a couple of these on the cake.

Once you put the ink on the stamp gently press it on the designated space. You might need to do a swaying movement depending on the location on the cake to ensure that all the image will be stamped on the fondant.

Now place your roses.


Et Voilà. Hope the rose procedure is not too complicated. I should make a video and post it so it’s a bit clearer 🙂 will do quite soon promised!


Enjoy ciao for now!! It’s so fluffy I could die! 😛

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