It was International Food night in the office this past Monday. I honestly had forgotten all about it, I hate to admit. I had literally just got back from a food shop when my team leader asks what I was gonna make for the dinner. PANIC! Well… I had all the components to make the quickest and yummy tiramisù, except for the mascarpone which Mike had to go pick up 😛 such a good boyfriend!

This is probably the simplest dessert ever! There is no baking time or any real skill to it. I used a pyrex (30×15 approx) so you could see the layers 🙂


500gr pack of Savoiardi- Sponge fingers

3 tbsp of instant coffee

500ml hot water  (if you need more make more)

3 eggs- separate yolk and whites

100gr sugar

250gr mascarpone

250gr pack of chocolate buttons

1/2 cup cocoa powder

Start making the coffee. Mix the boiling water and the instant coffee together and put aside to let it cool completely. Blitz the chocolate buttons into small pieces, close to crumbs.

Beat the egg yolks, the sugar and the mascarpone together until pale and fluffy. Set aside.


Whisk the egg whites reaching hard peaks. Fold with a spatula in the mascarpone mix.


Now the fun part starts. Smear a small amount of cream in the bottom of your serving tray. Dip a sponge finger in the coffee. Do one at the time and make sure you soak them for ONE SECOND! This is important. These cookies soak up liquid like sponges (hence the name I guess) and really quickly. You want to avoid having a soggy tiramisù!!  Place them in the tray as you wish, one next to the other to cover the surface.


Now cover with a layer of mascarpone cream. Top that with the blitzed chocolate.


Repeat the process with the second layer and finally finish with a layer of cocoa powder. I poured the cocoa powder in a sieve to sprinkle it on top. At least it evens it out and its neater. Cover and place in the fridge for at least 2 hours. Needless to say it was yummmmmmmmm


Ciao for now xox






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