Martian-Alien Cake

martian cake

This is definitely the most futuristic, alien, outer space cake I’ve ever made or ever even thought of making 🙂

It all started from a recipe in @Taste, a magazine sold in Coles supermarkets. Amazing taste and texture: really soft, moist and pretty to look at, which for me ticks all the boxes for an incredible dessert! However the looks of it are completely different from the original… I added my touch to it 🙂

This cake was made for a double birthday celebration. I don’t have pictures with the candles but both birthday people had candles for each of their ages and had the chance to blow their own. They only had to share the cake and the birthday song 🙂


For the cake-

200gr white chocolate chips/buttons

200 gr butter

125ml boiling water

215gr sugar

225gr flour

1 tsp baking powder

45gr desiccated coconut

200gr pie fruit apples

200gr greek yogurt

4 eggs

1 cup of frozen raspberries

For the buttercream-

350 gr butter (room temp)

300gr icing sugar

115gr raspberry jam

2 cups frozen raspberries

For the coating-

2 egg whites (room temp)

2 cups icing sugar

green and blue food colour

For the Rock Candy/meteorites-

1 cup of glucose syrup

3 1/2 cups of sugar

1 cup water

blue food colour

I started with the rock candy as it takes the most time! Put all the ingredients in a saucepan and let boil until it reaches 300°F, can take 20-30 mins. Be VERY CAREFUL! Hot sugar doesn’t agree with bare skin.


Once it has reached the temp. take off the heat until it stops bubbling. It should look like lava 🙂 Line a tray and pour the sugar into it solidifies. I left it overnight and then broke it with a meat tenderiser.

IMG_3053 IMG_3058 IMG_3055It’s pretty cool as it looks very much like glass.

Now start making the cake. Turn oven on 170°. In a microwave proof bowl put in the butter, chocolate and water until melted. In a separate mixing bowl, combine all the dry ingredients. Make a well in the middle and pour the white chocolate mix. Add the rest of the ingredients while beating the batter.

Now, grease and flour two 20cm round pans, pour the batter and bake for 50 minutes. Let cool completely.

While waiting for the cake, start making the buttercream. Take out the frozen raspberries so to defrost before adding them to the cake. Beat the butter, add the sugar and the jam until smooth. Put aside.

Now that the cake has cooled down, place one layer on a service plate and spread buttercream on it. Distribute the raspberries on top and cover with the second cake layer. Cover the whole cake with buttercream. A thin layer is enough. Place in the fridge to set for 10mins. Spread another layer of buttercream and let it set again in the fridge.

IMG_3068 IMG_3069


Make the royal icing coating. Beat the egg whites. As they start foaming, add sugar little at the time to incorporate it evenly. Once it has reached a marshmallow-y consistency and look, put one drop of green and a drop of blue, swirl with a toothpick and pour on top of the cake.


To have that really cool marble effect, DO NOT spread the icing. Slightly tip the cake from one side to the other, moving the plate so that the icing will naturally fall over the edges. The drop effect was also really nice, making it uneven.


Now have fun with the rocks you made before. Place shards in the middle. We sprinkled the smaller pieces around the cake also.

IMG_3079 IMG_3080

How yummy does that look????? A friend of mine at the party confessed he hates cakes with fruit inside…. he ate 5 slices! 😉


Ciao for now! xox


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