Modern Art Ginger Bread Cookies

ginger cookies

Lately I’ve been seeing and following quite a few baking sites on Instagram and Pinterest and all the possible and wonderful designs and the creativity that goes behind making incredible desserts!

This week has been a weird one. Mike had to be rushed to hospital and had surgery… So me being me, I made him his favourite cookies for when he recovers. Apparently the best ones he has ever tasted (he never wants me to make any other than these) 🙂

But to taste you need to combine aesthetics…

Follow the link to the recipe, both ginger cookies and royal icing 🙂 Plus food colouring- I used green, black, blue and yellow. I cut these cookies in square and triangles to make a bit of a change.

For the royal icing I divided it in 4 bowls: three with just a small amount (coloured in yellow, green and blue) and the 4th with a larger amount of icing, which you will be black.

The three coloured ones need to be slightly more liquid to give the splash effect, so add LITERALLY 1-2 drops of water in the icing and mix. This should be more than enough.

Now Colour the cookies in black and use the flooding technique from the other post.

black lining

Now, using a fork for each of the three colours, splash on the cookies. This will be a bit messy so use some parchment or work surface mat not to dirty the table. You can obviously do more cookies at the time, it will take forever otherwise!

colouring spash

With a slightly damp brush, eliminate the splashes on the side of the cookies to clean it. Let dry completely.

Now add more icing sugar to the green colour to make it stiffer. Put in a piping bag with a nozzle N4 and pipe small dots around the edge of the cookies.

dots dots

And there you have it! Amazing and really good 😀 Mike will be a happy patient when he gets these!

modern art

Enjoy. Ciao for now xox

One thought on “Modern Art Ginger Bread Cookies

  1. Well, I finally managed to get back into your Blog and drool at the sight of the magnificent pictures now that it’s all running better.
    You are a dangerous lady! However, I’d love to die eating and smelling your delicious works of art. What better way to go!!!!??

    Liked by 1 person

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