Beach Theme Cookies

Once again, I am making cookies. It is a long weekend and everyone is excited to finally go to the beach or have a pool party! Being in Australia, long weekends are not only limited to sun bathing but, and most importantly, it means BBQs! Had a couple these past days and wanting to stick to the general felt theme of the weekend, I check out some designs to reflect my beachy mood!


Ginger cookies  click here.

Royal icing

2 egg whites

3-4 icing sugar

silver, blue, yellow colours

200gr white fondant

150 gr flour

30 gr butter

200gr raw sugar

You can start by making the sand. Mix cold butter with flour and rub it between your fingers to make fine crumbs. Place in a tray and bake at 180° for 15 minutes or until golden.

Make the cookies. While you are waiting for the cookies to cool down, you can start making the seashells. I have a silicone mould. Just push a piece of fondant in the mould and press out to get the chosen shapes. Mix some of the silver colour with some water and brush over the seashells and let them dry.

silicone img_3335

Make the royal icing. Divide it into three bowls: one will remain white, one will be blue and the last one yellow. Pour into piping bags. Colour only half of the cookie blue. Start by tracing the borders of your cookie and then fill in. With a toothpick even out the icing in a circular movement. Make a little wave in the middle of the cookie, as it will show movement like the sea.


Colour the rest of the cookie yellow. While it’s still wet, drizzle a pinch of flour/butter and cover with raw sugar. Shake off the excess.

beach img_3339

Now make the waves. With the white icing, draw a series of Us in different places on the blue part of the cookie. Let dry for a minute and then with a slightly damp brush, spread the  icing upwards, like so.

waves img_3342 img_3343

Time to place the seashells! Pipe two drops of icing on the sand and put a seashell on each. Press lightly on the shell. It should softly sink in the drop and the icing below.

img_3345 img_3346

These are my favourite cookies so far! I hope you also get to make them and enjoy them as much as I did!

Ciao for now! xox


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