Zebra Cakes

Another Sunday session gone well! This is the easiest decoration I’ve ever made and it took me five minutes to put together. It still look incredible and creative, but if you are figuring out a last minute dessert and want to make something different this could be the one.


mini cakes (3 mini cakes will make one decorated cake)


black and white fondant

For the cake you can just make a simple vanilla cake. I used the Wilton mini cake pans to make these are they are easier to use and get the cakes out. Once they have been baked and cooled, cut the dome of the mini cakes so they are all even. These are three layer mini cakes put together.

Spread buttercream between the layers and to cover the whole cake, place in the fridge for 30 minutes. Take out and cover with another layer of buttercream. Now the fun part.

Roll out the black buttercream. Don’t make it thin but at least 1 cm thick. With a pizza cutter or normal knife, cut uneven slithers of fondant.


Now roughly roll out the white fondant. Leave it thick and place the slithers of black on top. Carefully roll out the fondant pressing making sure the black is attached with the white and roll out completely.

img_3477 img_3479

Place the fondant on the cake. Make sure there are no air bubbles by gently flattening the fondant on the cake and delicately pulling the side to make it smooth.


And there you go! I made two white and one black to change it up. Enjoy!

img_3482 img_3484

Ciao for now xox

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