Creamy Eclairs

Classic me! I had some thickened cream in the fridge from a previous dessert and honestly didn’t want to waste it, like it usually happens. It was pretty early in the morning also, so what could I make that is quick and still delicious?!

ECLAIRS! And yes, it is the easiest and simplest as many of us, more often than not, already have ALL the ingredients for these treats in the fridge.

INGREDIENTS: (makes 10 depending on size)

Choux Pastry:

80 gr butter

250 water

150 flour

3 eggs, lightly beaten

For the filling:

200gr thickened cream

1tbsp icing sugar

200gr dark or milk chocolate

Turn oven on 180°. Put butter and water in a saucepan at medium heat. When the butter has melted and the water starts boiling, take off the heat and mix in the flour with a wooden spoon. It should become a compact ball. Then put back on the heat for 1-2 minutes, whilst stirring and moving around the saucepan not to make it burn.


Take off the heat once again, letting it rest for a couple of minutes and stir in the eggs. Be quick with this process as you don’t want the eggs to cook. It will be very liquid initially but the harder you stir, the quicker it will all combine, becoming a bit sticky ball of pastry.


Spoon it all in a FABRIC piping bag. It has to be fabric!! The pastry is still very hot, and if you make the mistake, that I once made, of placing it in a plastic one, it will blister and melt open making it all very messy.

Cover a tray with parchment and Pipe long sausage like shapes.

To make both ends even, wet you finger with some water and then gently tap the extremities of the pastry to make it round. Bake for 20 minutes.


Take out and cut slits on the pastry, lengthwise and let them cool. Melt the chocolate. You can either spoon the chocolate on top of the eclairs or dip the top part in the chocolate directly. Whatever is easiest. Put in the fridge to set.


Whip the cream still stiff, put in a piping bag with any nozzle you like, to give it some shape. Pipe the cream inside the eclairs from the slits previously made. And you are done! Put in the fridge until ready to serve.

img_4061 img_4062

They are so light and delicious! Had to stop myself from eating them all 🙂

Ciao for now! xox

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