White Chocolate Xmas Bon Bons

I know it’s still early, maybe more like a month to go before Christmas is here. We were having a super early goodbye/Xmas party with Mike’s family before we left for Europe. As per usual, I offered to bring dessert and my oh my, was the family impressed 🙂

I’d seen these as cupcakes, but it wondered if I would make them perfectly round and not necessarily have to bake something due to time constraints and logistics that weekend. This is what I came up with. Granted, if I had more time to buy the supplies I wanted they might have looked better, but I’m still pretty chuffed about the end result.

INGREDIENTS: (make 13)

For the Spheres:

400gr white chocolate buttons + 100gr for decorating

2-3 type of edible glitter

100 gr white fondant

silver edible paint

For the Raspberry Mousse:

2 cups of frozen raspberries

1 cup of thickened cream

1/2 cup sugar

1/2 tsp powder gelatine

1/4 cup water

Place the raspberries in a bowl to thaw.

Melt the chocolate and pour into silicone moulds. I had to one mould at the time. Tip over a cooling rack and let the excess chocolate drip off.

img_4088  img_4089

After I pour another layer and repeated the process. Once the excess is gone, place in the freezer to set.

In the mean time you can make the mousse. Put the raspberries in a food processor and blitz. Pour them in a sieve and with a spoon press down to puree.


Put the gelatine and the water in a saucepan at low heat. When the gelatine is dissolved, pour into the raspberry puree, mix in the sugar then place in the fridge for an hour.

Take the spheres out of the fridge.


Place a pan on low heat and place one half sphere in the middle of the pan to make the edges even and smooth, moving them in circular manner, for 2-3 seconds.

img_4100img_4101  img_4102


Place back in the fridge.







Finish up the mousse. Take the raspberry out. Start whisking it until foamy and add little by little the cream. It should become nice and smooth and double in size.

Take your spheres out. Couple them and pour mousse only in one half sphere. Put in the fridge for an hour at least.


Start making the little silver hooks/hangers (not sure what they are called tbh).

Roll out the white fondant. To make them all similar in size I used a nozzle to cut them out. Make ball, then shape it into a cylinder. Finally make a little sausage that will be the hood.

img_4095  img_4104 Make some lines along the cylinder with a sharp knife or a toothpick. Use some water to glue it all together. When they have hardened, paint silver.

Take the spheres out. Using the same technique to level them out, put a clean pan on low heat. Place the EMPTY half sphere on the pan, slightly melt and then attach to the other filled mousse half. Put them all back in the fridge to set properly. You can use some of the leftover chocolate to cover any holes using your fingers or a brush.


Now for the fun part. Melt whatever chocolate is left and the extra if you need. Pour into a piping bag, no nozzle needed, just cut it at the very tip. Then decorate. I used sprinkles and glitter to make various designs. Also used some coloured sugar. Attach the hooks using chocolate. And there you have it.

img_4108 img_4114 img_4119 img_4120

Hit them with a spoon and they are ready to be devoured! These were too pretty to eat, but they were still pretty delicious! 🙂

img_4148 img_4147

Ciao for now! xox



2 thoughts on “White Chocolate Xmas Bon Bons

  1. You are a true Wonder of this world. Well done Valentina. Do you think that filling both halves of the spheres with mouse would make the balls too heavy? There is another dentail you could add perhaps: inside the mousse place a dollop of your clear raspberry jelly/jam so that when you cut in half you have 3 effects.


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