Brownies and mixed berries ruffle cake

So now I have been asked to make a big one.. or rather a couple of things for a thirtieth birthday. Quite an important age and day as you may all agree so I gladly accepted to make this day great with lots of desserts for a sweet toothed birthday girl.

The request was as follows: cheesecakes in glasses, raspberry cupcakes and chocolate brownie cake with whipped cream and mixed berries all covered with ruffles.

The general theme as you will from the pictures is pink&gold, very elegant combination. The amount and number of items, however, were not the challenge, as she wanted only 10 of each plus the cake. The challenge was the lactose free and nut free everything. I don’t know about you, but it was the first time I had used any of these ingredients and maybe I didn’t use them properly, but they did not work as well as normal milk or cream. I had a couple of issues with the cheesecakes. The thickened cream didn’t whip, so the cheesecake was pretty flat and liquid by the end of it. I still managed to pull it off 🙂 it just meant I had to buy more cream to actually fill the 10 glasses with cookie base.

Given this hiccup, I was not able to make a whipped cream centre for the brownie cake and was asked to make raspberry buttercream instead.


Anyways, the brownie cake took me the longest to make and I am so very proud of it. Being my first ruffled cake I can’t complain too much about how it turned out. Of course it will get better as I practice but I’m still chuffed at the result.

INGREDIENTS: ( I made three layers of this cake, one at the time, so just tripled the quantities)

125 gr butter x3

100gr dark chocolate x3

1 1/2 cups sugar x3

3/4 cups flour x3

3 eggs, lightly whisked x3

1 tsp baking powder x3

1/4 cups cocoa powder x3

For the frosting: (for the whole cake)

300gr butter

4-5 cups icing sugar

100gr raspberry puree

125gr strawberries, fresh

125 gr blueberries, fresh


1kg pink fondant

500gr white fondant

gold spray and glitter

Turn oven on 180°. Grease with butter and flour a 9″ round tin. If you have three tins you can bake them all together or do them one at the time. Melt the butter and the chocolate together either bagnomaria or in the microwave, just make sure it doesn’t burn.

Once that is ready, mix in a bowl with all the other ingredients. Pour into the tin and bake for 25-30 minutes. Let it cool completely.

Make the frosting. Beat the butter and add half of the icing sugar. Add the puree and add the rest of the icing sugar. Put in the fridge until the cake is cool. Cut the strawberries and thin slices or cubes, whatever is your preference.

Now frost the cake. Stack the three layers with buttercream and fruit in the middle then finally ice the whole cake and place in the fridge.

My pink fondant was too pink so I mixed the white and pink together to give it a softer look and touch. Roll out your fondant, big enough to cover the whole cake and cover it.

I made some fondant circles and scrunched them and folded them on the cake to resemble ruffles. Sprayed gold and glitter on the cake and voilà! The ruffles were time consuming, but totally worth it!


I have my house warming in two weeks so I will be making something special for that also 🙂 more experimenting and cake eating!! YAY


3 thoughts on “Brownies and mixed berries ruffle cake

  1. If lactose and Gluten free mean this kind of result I think people diagnosed with such intollerance won’t be too sad. You’e made marvels and I’m certain these traete taste yummy too!!! Well done. Very sophisticated cake!


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