The Little Mermaid cake

I can’t believe how long it has been since I last wrote on my baking blog. Bad Valentina! 😦 BUT, no fear, this doesn’t mean I’ve stopped baking in the meantime :PI have a couple of back-dated entries to write in, with new cake recipes, decorations and occasions.

I have dedicated this month to princesses, specifically Disney, who else?! Last week I put up a voting pole on my social media to decide which Princess I should depict to start with… as a practice round. I have seen this style of cake done by @Zoe’s Fancy cakes (you should see her videos on YouTube, they are amazing). So I followed her cake-face technique, with some personal differences and preferences in design and decoration.

All in all, I am proud of the achievement, and Mike’s little nieces were flabbergasted when they saw the cake 🙂 and most importantly recognised the princess that was depicted in sugar. So that was enough for me.

I’ve put together a short stills-video to give a general idea of how I made the cake.

And yes…it was DELICIOUS!

More to come.

Ciao for now! xoxo

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