Chocolate Chili Macarons

Here is Halloween Part 2 of my desserts and baking for the weekend. I will admit these were a bit of a challenge to make and a bit tricky. To make these you really need to know your oven, which I didn’t, in term of temperatures and so on.

If it’s too hot they will crack of it’s not hot enough they will obviously take longer to cook. I had taken a macaron class back in the UK with my mom and it was really interesting and fun to learn this, just not note it does take some time.

Once again, following the halloween theme, I prepared some devil macarons with a bit of a chick! 🙂


For the macarons:

60gr almond meal

100gr icing sugar

18gr sugar

50gr egg white

grey colouring

For the chocolate chili ganache: ( For this I mixed and matched some other recipes)

1 1/2cups thick cream

60gr butter

350 gr dark chocolate buttons (easier to melt)

1 tsp cinnamon

1 1/2 tsp cayenne pepper

grey fondant

For the macarons. Sift the almond meal and the icing sugar at least 3-4 times. Put aside. Whisk the egg whites. As they start stiffening, add the sugar. Whisk until it reaches hard peaks and add the colour.

Add the almond meal in three parts and gently fold with a spatula, making sure not to eliminate all the air and combining evenly. Pour in a piping bag. Doesn’t need to have a nozzle, simply cut will suffice. Now I used a macaron tray, for the first time (just make sure to lightly grease it first or they will stick). But if you don’t have one, you can simply line a tray with parchment and start piping small circles, 1 cm distant from each other at least.

When the tray is done, lift it off the table and drop it to the floor a couple of times. This makes all the air bubbles in the macarons come out. You will see if the air has not come out when you bake them as they will just crack and the shell will not be as smooth as expected.

Let dry for 30 minutes. You can test when they are ready by touching the shell. If it sticks to your finger you need to wait, if not you they are good to go.

Turn oven on 150°.

Make the ganache while you wait. Put all the ingredients in a saucepan at a very low temperature. Once they are all melted and mixed together you can take off the heat, pour in a container and let it cool. Subsequently, cover it and put it in the fridge.

Put the macarons in the oven for 12 minutes. Let them cool completely.


Now you can make the little horns! I rolled out some fondant and with the spray oil cap I made the horns, with a zig zag movement.

img_3739 devil horns

 I slightly bent them so they would have more of a horn shape rather than just being triangles.

Now, pair up your macarons. Pour some ganache in the piping bag or zip lock bag, and pipe in the bottom macaron of the pair.


Place the horns on the top of the chocolate, so to stick, and cover with the empty macarons.

devil devil macaron

How cute is that! Could almost be Batman! 😛

Ciao for now! xox


So I have gona A-Wall on everything and everyone since I started my summer and most likely my permanent job if all goes well 😀 It does take a lot of my time and effort and I consider my Sundays (my only day off) as well deserved and precious! So not only I have to take care of all the boring things that I can’t take care of during the week (bills, rent, food, house cleaning and blablabla) I can also keep busy in other ways 😉

This time round it’s macarons! YAY!
A dear friend of mine is graduating this coming week and I decided to make her not one, not two, but THREE types of macarons as a present:
1) chocolate
2) strawberry & white chocolate

So what have I done?

INGREDIENTS: (all of them are the same procedure, the only thing that changes is the icing inside and their colours)

(this quantity makes one batch, how many come out solely depends on how big or small you make them)

60 gr almond flour
100gr icing sugar
50 gr egg white
18 gr sugar


100 gr butter
1 cup icing sugar

For the orange: add 1 orange rind and yellow food colouring

For the chocolate: add 2 tsp of cocoa powder and 4 squares of dark chocolate

For the strawberry and white chocolate: add 50 gr white chocolate and 2tsp strawberry jam and red food colouring


First off, sift thoroughly the icing sugar and the almond flour together in a bowl.
In a separate bowl whisk the eggs whites. When they start peaking, add the sugar a bit at the time until stiff. At this point add any colours you wish. I made them quite contrasting with the icing also just to make them more eye-catching.

IMG_6180 IMG_6181

Gradually add the almond to the egg whites. Slowly mix it with a spatula with a up and downward motion rather than circular so that the air in the egg white is eliminated from the mixture. Once you combined all the ingredients, pour everything in a piping bag. I put mine inside a tall glass so its easier to handle and cut the end only once all the mix was in the bag, so nothing comes out whilst you are filling it.


Line a tray with parchment and start piping small circles, 1 cm distant from each other at least. When the tray is done, lift it off the table and drop it to the floor a couple of times. This makes all the air bubbles in the macarons come out. You will see if the air has not come out when you bake them as they will just crack and the shell will not be as smooth as expected.

Please warn anyone in the house that you are gonna bash the tray on the floor 😀 my flatmates looked at me as if I were crazy and just said “you Italians are weird” ahahahahahah


Turn the oven on at 150°.

Once all the air is gone, you can place the tray on the table and wait for the shells to harden slightly (10-20 mins depending on how humid it is on the day). To check if they are ready or not, just gently touch the shell: if it sticks to your finger then leave them for another while, if they do not stick then they are ready to be put in the oven for 10-12 mins. (Usually placing one tray at the time right in the middle of the oven is perfect)


Let them cool for a bit and then you can pipe the filling.

IMG_6190 IMG_6215

I wanted to be a bit creative and also added some sprinkles around them 🙂


It’s advised to put them in the fridge for at least 2-3 days before eating them. I put them in the freezer for a 4 days, 1 day in the fridge and they were good to stay out all morning during the graduation ceremony 🙂

IMG_6252 IMG_6251


Ciao for now! xox

Macaroon times..

Hey Hey! 😉

So I have mentioned in previous post, although I properly celebrated my birthday already, I still haven’t blown my candles out, which in my opinion is a must do to make it official.

I refuse to turn 24 until I’ve done that!! 

It was a bit of a slow today so I’ve started making some macaroons.. yes I said macaroons 🙂


I’m currently finishing the second colour now but all the pics of the finished goodies will be here.

So what you need is: 

50gr egg white (it is advised to keep them out of the fridge for a while before whipping them)

18gr sugar

100 gr icing sugar

60 gr of almond flour

1) beat the egg whites and add the sugar once there are soft peaks and keep on beating, if you want to add some colour this is the time to do it

2) sift icing sugar and almond together

3) a bit at the time add the almond mix with the egg whites with a spatula (Do NOT BEAT)

4) put all the mix in a piping bag and pipe them on parchment an inch from each other. once you’ve done that you will have to drop the tray hard on the kitchen counter (or I drop them on the floor from my waist height) to let all the air bubbles out. Just be careful not too freak your flatmates out or your downstairs neighbours LOL If there are some peaks sticking up for dampen your finger with some water and push down very delicately. If you are not able to get all the bubbles out they will crack in the oven like this:


5) at this point you can turn the oven on to 150° and let the macaroons rest for 15 mins ’til they have a “hard” shell and put them in the over for 10-12 mins, that depends on the oven, depending on the oven its best to place the tray right middle section so its evenly baked.


As for the filling.. for the first batch (the orange ones) I made buttercream and raspberry sauce (in a small saucepan I cooked down a cup of raspberries and a tbsp of sugar until it was liquid and sieved, let it cool and poured it in the vanilla buttercream base)

IMG_5124 IMG_5125

As for the second batch, I wanted to make something new and be a little adventurous so I just check what I had in my fridge pretty much 😛 fortunately I did some shopping recently!

In a bowl I whisked

6 tsp heaping of cream cheese  IMG_5134

1 tbsp of icing sugar

1 tsp of softened butter

AND… drum roll…. strawberry sauce (same process as the raspberry above, plus 1 tsp of water). Just make sure its cooled down… it will melt the whole thing otherwise -.-


When all your lovely little macaroons are cooled down you can pipe the filling in and put the in the fridge. They say that to be perfect they need to stay in the fridge for at least 2-3 days, but my fridge is closer to being a freezer and have to wait only a couple of hours! YAY ME 🙂