Multicolour strawberry pavlova 

Now.. This is something I have made quite a few times as it is a really simple dish takes no time at all the whisk up and it only has to stay in the oven for an hour so if you busy cleaning the house or studying it’s perfect for a traeat after the hard work😁. 

I Wanted to give it a twist This Time and be a bit creative. 


5 egg whites ( room temp if possible) 

1/2 cup of sugar+ 1 tbsp 

1tsp cream of tartar 

250 gr strawberries 

150 gr whipping cream 

1tsp icing sugar 

1 orange 

Food colouring ( I used yellow, green, blue , red)

Turn oven on 180. In a metal bowl Whisk the egg whites. When they start foaming, pour little at the time the half cup of sugar and then add the cream of tartar. Stop whisking when you reach stiff peaks. 

Divide the meringue in 4 bowls. Colour each with 3-4 drops of food colouring and mix with metal spoon, delicately. 

Line a tray with parchment paper and place the meringue on it forming circles of the same size if possible 

Bake at 180 for 5 minutes then lower to 150-120 for an hour. 

Let them cool. In the meantime whip the cream with the icing sugar. Clean and cut the strawberries and mix them with the orange juice and the rest of the sugar. 

Now you can start layering. You can decide the order of the colours. 😊

 I cut a strawberries in vertical slices just as a decoration and then sprinkled with icing sugar. 

And now it’s ready to be eaten and enjoyed! 

Ciao for now! Xox

Chocolate Pavlova and Mixed berries

Stressing times between exams, work and projects but we can all finally take a deeeeep breath and relax (partially) for the next week. Easter is here!

To start, probably what will be the shortest break in history, I had a lovely dinner with some of my friends from uni. It seemed rude not to bring something along as one of them offered to cook for us a wonderful meal. As I had the impression it was going to be a pretty hefty dinner I wanted to make something light. These rainy-stormy days in Brisbane are just making everyone crave more chocolate I think so why not indulge in it a little?


4 egg whites

1/2 cup sugar

1tsp lemon juice

1tsp cream of tartar

1/4 cup cocoa powder

For the topping:

300 ml thick cream (keep in the fridge till use)

1 tbsp icing sugar

500 gr mixed frozen berries

Turn oven on 180°

Pour egg whites in a bowl and whisk. Gradually add the sugar, lemon, tartar and cocoa till there are soft peaks. If you tip over the bowl the eggs shouldn’t budge and stay firm.

IMG_7770 IMG_7771

As I wanted to make a two tier and also had to transport it to my friends’ house, I took measurements. This is also really good if you want to make sure that bottom and top are the same size 🙂

I took the bottom of a cake pan and covered in with parchment paper, a piece for each tier.

IMG_7774 IMG_7775 IMG_7777Spread the mix on the pan and then transfer the parchment on a baking tray so you can put both in the oven at the same time. I wouldn’t advise to put them at different times as it not only would take you ages but the egg white will eventually loose its fluffiness and become liquid and flat.

Once you have both of them on trays, put them in the oven for 10 mins at 180°, then 150° for the next hour. Once its all cooked and done take out of the oven and wait for them to cool.


In the meantime you can whip the cream with the icing sugar. Careful not to over-beat, it just needs to be stiff enough to spread on the pavlova. If the pavlova is still too hot then place the whipped cream in the fridge.

Now its the fun part! Spread half of the cream on the bottom half of the cake and add the frozen berries.

(the berries were still frozen, so that when they defrost the juices are absorbed by the cream and cake)


Next step put the top half on and spread the rest of the cream and cover with the rest of the frozen berries.

IMG_7784 IMG_7783

Looks pretty yummy right? I made the right size so that I could fit it back in the cake tin for easy transport.


Now the best part was eating it 😉



Ciao for now! xox


Strawberry and Cream Pavlova II

Yes! All it seems I’m doing at the moment is baking, baking and BAKING! I promise I am doing uni work also. I had a dinner yesterday based on fresh home made pasta, which means lots and lots of egg whites to be used!

So why not make another pavlova? I’ve slightly changed the recipe for this pavlova and instead of double layer I’ve kept it traditional and made only one.


4 egg whites (room temperature if possible)

3/4 cup of Sugar

1 tsp vinegar (lemon is fine also)

1 tsp cream of tartar (just to make it stiffer but it’s not necessary)

1tsp cornflour


300 ml thick cream+2 tsp sugar

250 gr strawberries+ dark+white chocolate (grated) as decoration

Turn oven on 180°

Beat the egg whites (I started with a KitchenAid but it didn’t beat the egg whites evenly and they stayed a bit flat, that is why I had to add the cream of tartar to create some volume and switched an electric mixer). As the eggs start whitening and fluffing up add gradually the sugar.

Once it has formed stiff peaks, add the rest of the dry ingredients and incorporate evenly.

Place the mix on baking paper on a tray in a circle shape and put in the oven at 180° for the first 5 minutes, then turn down to 50° for an hour. When its crispy, turn the oven off, keep it slightly ajar and let it cool.

The mixture will look more like marshmallow fluff that beaten egg whites 🙂 and it is AMAZING! Once out of the oven it looks like an angel food cake and it is as light and white as a cloud 🙂 🙂


When you transfer it on a plate, handle it CAREFULLY as the external crust with crumble and break off very easily.

While this is cooling, whip the cream adding the sugar gradually.

Cut the strawberries in half vertically.

Once the Pavlova is completely cooled (it won’t take very long), pour all the cream on it and place the strawberries on top. I had made a really pretty design, but my friend went a bit crazy with the chocolate shavings and covered it 😦 It still looked pretty yummy nonetheless 😀

IMG_5630  IMG_5632IMG_5631

There you go, another beautiful and delicious pavlova.

Ciao for now! xx

Strawberry and Cream Pavlova

I’ve got an exam today, at the worst time of day and the worst day of the week. Who schedules an exam on a Saturday afternoon? and WHY? jeeeez

Well because I had reached point of “I can’t be bothered anymore to know how people think when they have to spend their Dolla” I decided it would be a good idea to get temporarily distracted and make a pavlova 😀

Lorenzo, my youngest brother, came over for a short visit. He went to the market in town and bought these strawberries that are as big as my hand and  half of his, and we are talking HUGe! So we used the “special” ones for the filling and the normal looking ones as a topping.


So the idea was to use my mom’s friend’s recipe…to be fair I tweaked it just a little bit and well it didn’t turn out as pretty as I imagined it but it tasted great all the same 😉

Pavlova recipe is very similar to the meringue, but instead of forming a hard crust on the outside, this one stays fluffy and soft, it reminded me a lot of angel food cake.

Ingredients: (my version)

4 eggs whites (preferably room temperature)

1/2 cup sugar

1 tsp cream of tartar

1tsp vanilla

1tsp lemon juice

For the filling and topping

200 gr of (double) cream

2tsp icing sugar

200 gr chopped up strawberries+ 11 small strawberries to cover in chocolate

100 gr milk chocolate

Turn the oven at 180°.

Whisk the eggs white and gradually add in the sugar till incorporated and then add the rest of the ingredients. You know it’s ready when there are soft peaks and if you turn the egg mix upside down it shouldn’t even budge and stay in the bowl defying gravity 😀 lol

IMG_5491 IMG_5493

The instructions were to place all the eggs white mix on baking paper on a tray, but I wanted to be special so I split the mix in half and made two layers in two different trays or the same if yours is big enough. No need for piping bags or anything just spoon the mix on the tray in a circle shape, place it in the oven at 180° for 10 mins and then lower to 150° for an hour or so. It should be white as snow but mine turned slightly brown. Once the time was up, turned the oven off and left the pavlova layers to cool in there.

IMG_5504 IMG_5506

Whilst that is baking, I melted the milk chocolate at bagnomaria (the chocolate is in a glass or metal bowl placed in a pan with hot water over the stove), washed and carefully dried my chosen 11 strawberries and covered them 🙂 put in the fridge to solidify

IMG_5499 IMG_5503

Once the pavlova is cooled completely, whip the cream and sugar, spoon in the bottom layer and cover it with all the chopped strawberries.


Place the other layer on top, cover that in whipped cream and decorate it with the chocolate strawberries and Voilà!

It’s all done. (Keep in the fridge before serving)

IMG_5510 IMG_5509

that was my Pre-exam treat, hope I deserved it 😛

Ciao for now! xx